COIN product

Beacon Plus

COIN product

 An intelligent mesh network of our Beacon Plus sensors collect condition and indoor location data and delivers this information to the cloud.

Beacon Plus with Internal Battery


This model of Beacon Plus with an internal battery having a battery life of 1 year can monitor temperature, humidity, motion, vibration and can track assets and people in real time. It can support over-the-air configuration and updates.

COIN sensors

Compact Design

Small and compact design with multiple sensors like Temperature, Humidity, Accelerometer and Gyroscope.

Custom Deployment

Monitor Temperature, Humidity, Motion, Vibration, Assets and People in real time. Get alerts and notification in real time.

Over the air Updates

You can now access the entire data from anywhere in the world with dashboards available on the cloud.

Data Driven Decision

Using COIN, the user can monitor key metrics, analyze past trends, generate reports and analyze data to get actionable insights of the operations. Our machine learning algorithms can also predict failure of your assets.

Water and Dust resistant

Our products are water & dust resistant and have been tested in extreme climatic conditions.

Wide Applications

COIN can be used for a wide range of applications such as Condition monitoring, Security solutions for perimeter, Real time locating systems for asset tracking, Geo Fencing solutions, People tracking and many more.

How it works?


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